Planning Your Wedding


Make your special day even more memorable for you and your guests with music during your ceremony and/or reception by Sisters & Strings.

Use the guide below to begin planning your wedding music. We will also meet with you (either in person or by phone or e-mail) to help you in selecting the music for your ceremony. You'll be able to choose from standard pieces for each part of the ceremony, as well as let us know of any special requests you have. As your wedding day nears, we will contact you again to confirm your selections and ceremony program, and to address any questions you might have. At any time, we are available for consultation by phone or e-mail to answer your questions or offer musical advice.


You may choose music for the following portions of the wedding:

  • Prelude – Music played as guests are seated that sets the tone for your ceremony
  • Processional – Music which accompanies the entrances of the wedding party and bride (seating of the grandmothers/mothers, procession of attendants, bridal procession)
  • Ceremony – Music for any special moment during the ceremony itself (unity candle/sand, communion, vocal or instrumental solos, etc.)
  • Recessional – Music for the grand exit of your wedding party, usually joyous and celebratory
  • Postlude – Lively music played as your guests exit the ceremony



How should we select music?

This is your special day, so go ahead and pick your favorite songs. We’ll also have some recommendations for you. If you have questions, or are unsure about what would be the best fit, give us a call and we'll be happy to share our thoughts.

What if there is a special piece of music I would like to be played? Can you do that?

Yes, we would love to! We can usually locate an arrangement or create our own arrangement of any song.

When should we make the music selections?

We ask for a list of music selections four weeks in advance. This will allow us adequate time to locate any special requests and to have them properly prepared.

Will you perform with vocalists?

Absolutely. We will contact them prior to the event to go over details and schedule a rehearsal. Rehearsing approximately 30 minutes before the prelude begins usually works well and there is no additional fee for this rehearsal.

Are you willing to play outdoors?

Yes!  We do ask that shade be provided to protect our instruments.  This can be a tent, roof overhang, or even a large nearby tree.

Will you attend the wedding rehearsal?

It is usually not necessary for us to attend rehearsals; however, there have been occasions where the music choices and number of performers made it important to have a rehearsal with Sisters & Strings and everyone else before the wedding day. Please contact us with specific questions or to inquire about availability and fees.

How do we time our entrances to finish with the music?

We are experienced at timing the music to end at the appropriate times.  We only ask that you let us know how many people will be processing to each piece of music.

How do you dress?

Our dress code is typically black, unless otherwise requested.

How far in advance should we book Sisters & Strings?

We encourage you to book as early as is feasible. Dates are reserved on a "first come, first served" basis. A 50% deposit is due with the signed contract to reserve a date. The balance is due one week prior to the event. Please contact us for our cancellation/refund policy.